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Guerrilla Marketing For Under $100

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As a marketer who has found his own success greatly intertwined with his ability to provide significantly cost efficient tactics with proven ROI, I’m no stranger to clients throwing down the gauntlet with new and exciting challenges.  And this one, folks, this one was for sure exciting.  Working with a small business owner who desperately aimed to fill the last few spots in his week-long football camp, we naturally threw out the idea of utilizing guerrilla marketing as a “best bang for your buck” approach.  After explaining the benefits as well as the ins-and-outs (“I promise, if anyone gets arrested it will be me!”), he fell in love with the idea…only his marketing budget wasn’t exactly playing ball.  “Let’s do it….if you can keep it to under $100!”  Ah, we meet again, New Business Challenge!

And so was born the “Guerrilla Marketing For Under $100″ video you’re about to watch (link below).  Was the end result pretty?  Well, maybe not pretty, but we like to think it turned out much better than anticipated.  You really find out what your marketing chops can handle when you’re presented with a situation like this.  Anyone can get a professionally designed gator board fence sign made at your local FedEx Office!  But what we found, at the end of the day, is that you gain a little more satisfaction from digging through the clearance bin at the party store, uncovering a turf-themed outdoor tablecloth, grabbing some adhesive lettering from the arts and craft joint and manufacturing your own homemade banner.


Guerrilla Marketing For Under $100



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