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Truth Be Told

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Ever see that one movie about a world where everybody is simply inclined to tell nothing but the truth?  The Invention of Lying is about, well, the invention of lying.  The main character exists in a culture where telling the blazing truth is the only option – nobody would even think of telling a fib (until, of course, he does!).

It got me wondering how brands – both big and small, global and local – would survive in such an environment (would they?!).  Just imagine walking into your local deli only to be met with, “Hey there!  Would you like our two-day-old salami with a side of rotten potato salad?  I haven’t washed my hands yet today!”  But then there’s the flip side of that coin, taking Domino’s Pizza’s recent marketing campaign as an example.  Putting aside the debate on its validity for a few moments, the company’s approach is that of “Here are our faults!” followed by “and here’s is what we’re doing about it“.

When’s the last time you took a trip down the self-awareness route and proclaimed your TRUE SELF as a brand?  We can never change what’s wrong if we only see what’s right.



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