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Simply Put – Red Mango Style

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We talk about the need to simplify message content and delivery quite often, especially in a hyper communicative world.  Websites with more sidebars and banner ads than actual content pods, brick-and-mortar stores with highly cluttered signage, billboards with paragraphs of copy and multiple call-to-action messages.  How is the average consumer meant to pick up on your main point of differentiation amidst all that noise?!

Enter my latest experience at Red Mango, a frozen yogurt chain.  I found everything about the place to be the ideal reprieve from your everyday marketing message onslaught.

– Most important, its value proposition is clear and takes center stage: “authentic frozen yogurt”.  Coupled with the “treat yourself well” tag, the brand is obviously positioning itself as a healthy alternative to other dessert-focused eateries.

– The in-store environment is clean, cool and sleek.  The decor reflects a modern theme with solid colors and very minimal signage and artwork.  Soft, earthy tones adorn the walls and furniture.

– The menu also follows the “simplicity” theme, with a few variations of smoothies, parfaits and iced teas, all with calories displayed and special ingredients front and center.

– As soon as you enter the store, the largest display in the room is a comparison chart, putting the red mango way against “the other guys”, outlining all its nutritional superiorities in a clear graphic.

Mind-blowing innovation?  Not exactly.  But a pretty good example of taking that “red pen marketing” approach from the company website to the in-store experience.  Don’t let your marketing get in the way of your message.



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