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It Ain’t Easy…But It Can Be

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If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to spread the news……does it even matter?

A friend and client of mine, knowing I was in search of a quality web design partner, referred me to a local freelance group he’s worked with on various projects.  I checked out his site then theirs and decided it was worth a phone call or in-person meeting.  I filled out the typical “Contact Us” form on their site, hit send, and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Then, I waited some more.  That was about two months ago and guess what – still waiting.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  Forget about marketing laws for a second, this is simply common sense 101.  If a customer is going out of his way to contact you, practically begging to be pitched, you better damn well be equipped to respond quickly and effectively.  Whatever your back-of-house process is for capturing and reacting to Contact Us / communications, it better be a priority.

This is word of mouth PHASE TWO action, folks.  We tend to focus a lot of our attention on the first part of WOM efforts – making products/services talkable, getting influencers on board and so on.  But once we solidify what it is we actually want folks to talk about, we need to spend as much time (if not more!) on making it easy to spread that message.  That certainly includes simple, intuitive, fun ways for a prospective customer to research and get in touch with you!

Take a look at your website, promotional materials and in-store experience and make a few changes that position the “share this” vehicles front and center.



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