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Internal Word Of Mouth

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Quick reminder here – word of mouth is never quite as prevalent and passionate as when it occurs within your company’s four walls.  All the time and energy you put into turning your employees into first-line brand advocates can be instantly reversed with an unhappy (dare I say vengeful?) staffer or former compadre.

Once upon a time, I received a call a colleague on a weekend explaining to me that a freelancer we frequently employ was overheard at an event bad-mouthing the company because of a falling out they had with a former colleague of hers (following?).  He explained to me that she seemed “hell-bent on revenge” and was aggressively and proactively blanketing the event with her messaging.

That’s passion right there, folks.  Just not the kind we typically strive to incite.  Internal relations lay the ground work for unmatched levels of intensity.  Don’t ever let that out of your sight or it might come back to bite you….



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