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Every website, blog and Facebook page that is business focused undoubtedly has some sort of “About Us” section.  (Side note – way too many of these are boring, by the way.  Lots of marketing and business jargon spread amongst paragraphs of useless background copy, all of which work together to completely mask the few words that actually tell the true story that visitors are after. /rant.)  Because I have several sites out there, I routinely take a few minutes to ensure the same messaging is being used and to update them according to my current ventures and, to be honest, my mood / fascination-of-the-moment.

As a proper little marketer, when I first decided to launch Marcello Entertainment I invested significant time and mental energy on determining my point of differentiation.  I asked myself all the typical questions (Why would someone choose me?  What makes me stand out from the crowd?  What is my target market looking for in a marketer?) and played the good-old self-administered SWOT analysis game.  Eventually I ended up with paralysis by analysis and a migraine.  There had to be a more simple way to go about this seemingly routine task.

After stepping away from the process for a few days, I returned with a clear mind and refreshing new approach.  Instead of asking myself what exactly my reason for being was and what potential clients would react to, I started with the basic reason many entrepreneurs walk away from their cushy day jobs in the first place – we aren’t in tune with the way things were done and own the confidence that we can do it better our damn selves!

Your passion can sometimes be found in what you don’t like, not just the happy places.  If my experience has shown me anything, it’s that your typical office worker has more intensity towards what he/she doesn’t like about the company than his/her daily work duties.  Why not turn that into a positive?  For me personally, that means putting the “Why?” before the “How?” in strategy planning, not doing things just because that’s the way they’ve always been done, and tiptoeing the creativity/insanity line every single day.

And there it was – the foundation for all my efforts since.



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Growth obsessed startup co-founder (MusicBox) and strategist-for-hire.

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