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File this one under the “Make It Simple Movement” (more on that later…..).

Just read a tremendously helpful article on how to design your page layout on the new Twitter and wanted to print it out for future reference.

Apparently that’s a rare need these days, judging by the website’s layout and communication flow.

Let’s survey the available clickable buttons:  let’s see, you have Like, Tweet, Share, Digg, Email and….for some reason, Share.  Not to mention all the various banner/side ads on the page.

This particular article was a lengthy one, probable six pages or so when printed.  I literally spent a good 2-3 minutes searching for the print button. Ludicrous.

Way down just about at the dead bottom of the page.  Hidden near the “Follow Us” buttons.

I’m certainly not knocking the sharing buttons, because we all (hopefully) understand their importance.   But where’s the printing love?!

Make it as easy as possible for your customers and guests.  Consider their needs and potential uses of your product/service and clear the path for satisfaction.



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