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Are Your Presentations Informing Or Inspiring?

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With several new client thought starters and proposals on my to-do list recently, I’ve been giving a lot of thought into the ways we organize, present and eventually sell our content to clients and stakeholders. While I’ve never been a big believer in hard-and-fast presentation “rules” (e.g. a certain number of slides), I’m quickly becoming a dedicated disciple of one consistent theme:

Your job in any presentation is to inspire, not just to inform.

When you begin to approach your content distribution process with this mindset, things change for the better. I’ve written way too many decks for former employers that ended up 95% info dump and 5% creativity. And just for good measure – nobody is saying ditch the stats, budget projections and rationale. Rather, this is a call for marketers to find a more compelling way to illustrate those points.

To that tune, I’m officially dedicating my weekend to finding the most inspirational way to build a journey through my presentations, not just tell a linear step-by-step story.

Any of your hints, key learnings and resources are much appreciated!



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