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Our newly developed mantra over at Marcello Entertainment is “DISRUPT EVERYTHING“.  That’s what will drive all that we do, say and publish moving forward.  We’re not just talking marketing activity here, we’re establishing a mindset.  And that mental state is the foundation of our future success and the impetus for every single action step taken towards meeting our goals.

DISRUPTION is about challenging the status quo, consistently asking “Why?”, approaching every moment with a ready state of openness.  It takes effort, work and consistency.  It requires passion, courage, adaptability, strategy, imagination, creativity and flexibility.

Everyone strives to be remarkable – be remarkably meaningful.

Everyone is loud – be clear amongst the noise.

Everyone tries to be conversational – be relevant.

Everyone works hard – work smart.

Everyone refers to previous routines and procedures – question the order of things.

We invite you to take part in this journey.  Do it your way.  Create your own path.

Two important disruption notes:

1) If you consider yourself a DISRUPTOR and would like a free “DISRUPT EVERYTHING” rubber bracelet as a reminder of the mission, please email your name and address to

2) For any DISRUPTIVE chatter on Twitter, we ask you to use the hashtag “#DISRUPTOR” so we can all join in on the fun.


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