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Five For Friday – Addition By Subtraction

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“We live in a vibratory universe.  Everything vibrates.  I vibrate, you vibrate.  Scientists have dubbed this realization the ‘quantum field’…When we open our mouths and vibrate a word into the field, the vibration of the word programs the field.”

One of my go-to books for the better part of a decade now (Hidden Language Codes), preaches the synergistic relationship between the words you speak and the life you lead.  We direct our own realities and our vocabulary acts as the maestro.  With that in mind, we’d be greatly served to rid our daily speech of negative and harmful words and to consciously choose our verbal commands.  Here are five examples with commentary from the book.

1) BUT: It takes back what was just said.  It is a slam.  When you hear the word “but”, you’ve heard “I am unable to go to the new thinking”.

2) DOUBT: Doubting is another device that takes a decision away from us.  Doubt is the right hand of fear.  To doubt is to break the spirit.

3) WANT:  The slave word that is used to create separation.  As soon as our voice creates “the want” waveform, want is created.  When we say we want something, we are declaring it apart from us.

4) REALITY:  Does reality create belief?  Does belief create reality?  In this world, one must believe it to see it.

5) LUCK:  This is the quintessential expression of “My power lies outside of me”.  There is no such thing as luck, there is only decision.  Whether this is a conscious decision or an unconscious decision is on the watch of each of us.

As you go about your normal business today, be mindful of the words you choose and the situations in which you choose them.  Could you (or your colleagues, family, customers) be better served with alternate vocabulary?



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