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For Halloween I Was A Talkable Brand

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Granted, it was a bit of an elaborate and complex get-up and took quite a bit of time and effort to pull off.  But I definitely stood out and made a splash amongst the crowd last night.  Here is how I did it:

– I made my costume from scratch so that it fit me perfectly and allowed me to move and act as I naturally do

– Although it was difficult, I kept my costume on at all times and was consistent throughout the entire evening with how I presented myself

– I attended several parties and interacted with a ton of people

– I checked out the invite lists before arriving and made sure to pay special attention to some of my close friends, colleagues and those with whom I share passions and interests

– I conversed….a lot

– I asked a lot of questions, moved beyond “small talk” when possible and tried to keep the conversations fun and interesting

– I listened….a lot

– I introduced some of my friends to new friends….then politely excused myself and let them get to know one another

– I never once told people what my costume was; I let my buddies do that for me (they had much more entertaining ways of telling that story anyway!)

– I danced, smiled, laughed and got a little crazy….but never lost control

– Amidst a sugar high hangover the next day, I touched base with a peeps I met the previous night just to say “hello and it was great meeting you!”



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