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Help! It’s A Tweet Barrage!

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This is just one man’s take on things, but if you blast out a bunch of tweets – all with links to reading material – within minutes of each other, you’re probably going to stress me out a bit, which I’m assuming is not your goal.  I keep my Twitter feed (via HootSuite) open all day long and check in regularly.  Like most other people, I mentally categorize my follows (let’s call them Must Reads, Might Reads, Content Dependent Reads and I Only Follow You Because I’m Supposed To’s) and I consume their content accordingly.

Throughout the day I see A LOT of tweets and a TON of really valuable information.  But in order to spend a few minutes each day doing actual work, I need to pick and choose which links to click and which bits of information I am going to read (at some point that evening…).  Want to know one great way to overload me to the point of not wanting to read any of your tweets?  Blast out back-to-back-to-back tweets within a matter of seconds.

I call it the Tweet Barrage.  In what world does this approach make sense?  If a customer walked into your store, would you rattle off four consecutive promotional messages in a row?  Do you send back-to-back-to-back-to-back emails to your fan base with no pause?

A well-organized distribution plan that focuses on the way people prefer to consume will rocket your quality content into a beautiful place.  A seemingly haphazard distribution plan that puts the emphasis on getting information out as quick and often as possible is destined to fail.



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