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No Follow Backsies

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Over beers this weekend, a few of my good buddies decided to give me crap for not following them back on Twitter.  Full disclosure – I have two Twitter accounts; one for business and one for personal (which gets less and less attention each day).  I follow all of them on my personal account.

Let’s go ahead and smash this notion of “following back is good Twitter decorum”.  The only result of such nonsense will undoubtedly be the complete devaluing of the entire concept of a follower.  I will follow you if you provide value.  Can’t get much simpler than that.  And I hope (expect?) that if you follow me, it’s because I offer something that you find worthwhile.

If you subscribe to the school of quantity vs. quality when it comes to followers, we’re simply not meant to be.  It’s cool, there are plenty of other birds in the sky.



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