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Paralysis By Analysis

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First things first, read THIS blog post by Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan).  The message is spot-on: instead of taking this week as a relaxing downtime version of work like most others, tackle some significant projects, get some big-picture thinking done, etc.

But I’d like to add my own little addendum to the message: “DO” work now.  Not “plan work” or “brainstorm work”, but “DO” work.  To be clear, in no way am I urging you to skip the plotting, concepting and ideation sessions that fuel most of our movements.  Rather, I’m here to remind you that plans are just plans until they are activated by “doing”.

I wish I could recall the first time the phrase “paralysis by analysis” came across my readings, but regardless, it has stuck with me for a long time now.  That’s mostly due to my own challenges over the years with getting caught up in my own head.  When first tackling a project or new idea, I tend to research, read and brainstorm.  The problem with that process is that I often get stuck there.  And while I’m spinning my wheels, so to speak, the goal of putting these ideas into action drifts further away.

It’s not always abundantly clear when the right time to shift from planning to doing appears. However, we must always keep in mind the need to “DO”.  I’d bet dollars to donuts that you have at least one project on your desk right now that could be pushed immediately into action if you could just free yourself from the analysis stage.



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