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I purchase branded stickers from a company called Sticker Giant.  Stickers are pretty much a commodity nowadays, right?  Because of this, I’m typically more inclined to make my sticker purchases based on price.

That is, until Sticker Giant got their claws into me.  Aside from great customer service and an overall fun communication style, they set themselves apart in areas you wouldn’t normally consider fertile ground for stickers.  They have a newsletter, for Pete’s sake.  What could possibly be going on in the sticker industry to justify a newsletter, you might ask?  Well, check it out for yourselves:  I love their “we’re much more than just a sticker company!” approach.

Your industry / product does not need to limit the ways in which you communicate with the market.  Find a good enough reason to start a conversation and others will join (and you might even find yourself a pretty little differentiator along the way).



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