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The Great Label Debate

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Just got a cool iPad case in the mail from a little shop via Etsy. I love everything about it, from its functional design to its super unique look and feel. It’s certainly eye-catching and I imagine many of my iPad-obsessed buddies will comment on it.

Only issue I have is that the company’s name is embossed on the large white leather strap and my initials are on the tiny tag. Why not switch the two? I understand a brand’s desire to put its name on products, but what’s the trade off? This case will undoubtedly spark many “Cool! Where did you get that?!” questions, so there’s no need to force the company’s name into the front-and-center design like this.

Key takeaway- if you produce a talkable product, you don’t need to billboard-ize it with your logo or company name. Your customers will be more than happy spread the word for you.



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