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Undervalued & Underused – The Email Signature

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I found myself tweeting this morning about what I consider the most overlooked marketing communication vehicle out there, the email signature.  Considering the quantity of emails sent each and every day combined with the assumed quality (and variety) of recipients and throw in the potential shelf life for good measure, it’s a damn dirty shame more people don’t choose to look at this space differently.

Now, I’m not advocating you use your signature as a billboard for your services. That can be quite a nuisance and can also pull attention away from the actual email message. What we’re talking about here is clean, concise, easy-to-digest content.  Some thought starters:

– Everyone includes some combo of email address / phone number / website / blog / Twitter feed / Facebook page.  Think about the one place you want your audience to go. If I see a website, Facebook page and blog in your signature, chances are I’m going to choose just one to check out.  And chances are you have clear links to your other sites on each of those individual pages.  Consider only listing one main site and, taking things a step further, creating a customized landing page.

– I’m still on the fence when it comes to including images in your signature.  They take up space and you never know if they’ll come through clear to the myriad of email services out there.  If that’s a route you are interested in, choose wisely.  A head shot is a great attention grabber and literally adds a face to the name.

– Including a link to recently authored content (not just a general one to your blog) provides that “hot off the presses” feel.  Customizing the specific content you’re promoting to the audience is a game changer (e.g. linking to a white paper on social media best practices in restaurants to an executive chef).

– Get fun with it.  This is a great opportunity to let your personality shine through.  Include pictures of your company’s last group outing or a recent event you planned for a client. Link to an interactive game or your favorite Pandora playlist.



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