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Welcome Disaster

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Had a random thought amidst my recent trips to meet my girlfriend’s family and friends for the first time (and her mine).  We should be welcoming disaster.  (NOTE: this in no way means meeting her family was a disaster!)  On the drive to meet her mother and sister at a restaurant I had visions of me making inadvertent offensive remarks leading to aggressive confrontations and possible thrown drinks. Thankfully, the actual experience was pretty much exactly opposite of that.  But what I took away from my unprompted fears was that a small part of me believed disaster could potentially yield positive results. Once you’ve seen the darkest of days, any amount of light becomes that much more powerful.

What I really mean is that you should do everything within your abilities to stave off disaster while also recognizing that it will rear its ugly head at some point in your life / career.  And that’s the moment of truth. That’s when the winners learn to dig deep and make the disaster work for you as opposed to stumbling and dwelling.

Fight it, take actionable steps to avoid it, but when it shows up at your front door, embrace it and get better because of it.  (And never show up to your girlfriend’s mother’s house empty-handed.)



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