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Why I Blog (And You Should, Too)

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I blog as often as worthwhile content creeps into my mind.  At this point in time, I have yet to establish a deep, loyal reader base, but that doesn’t stop me from hitting the keyboard as much as possible. Regardless of who is or isn’t reading your blog, here are a few reasons why I blog and you should too.


– SEO experts keep telling me Google likes content

– It forces me to put into practice the art of consistency

– Because I am always on the prowl for valuable topics to write about, my mind is constantly in an active state of “openness” to the stimuli around me

– By default, I have to be aware of the latest news and trends

– With absolutely no scientific proof to back this up, I imagine writing is wonderful exercise for the brain

– It quiets the voices in my head

– I now have a library of original content that will surely come in handy in the future

– There are many ways to repurpose information nowadays and I find my blog posts as the ideal starting point for that journey (PS – here’s an example of Flexible Content Distribution for ya)

– Throughout my blogging time, I’ve managed to meet several industry heavy hitters who graciously allowed me to do some guest blogging for them (which, unsurprisingly, has led to other partnership ventures)

– Consistently blogging is the best way to fine tune your writing skills (and make no mistake, they can ALWAYS be refined)

– A blog is an extremely useful sales tool

– It’s fun as hell to pretend what I say matters



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Growth obsessed startup co-founder (MusicBox) and strategist-for-hire.

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