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Celebrating A Year On Twitter

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As of today, Marcello Entertainment has officially been on Twitter for one year. What better time to celebrate all that the service has provided me than to write a list?! Since I joined the site on February 28th, here are 28 reasons to celebrate Twitter!

  1. I have two CEOs following what I tweet (that probably wouldn’t be happening “in real life”)
  2. I’ve had actual back-and-forth interaction with some of the heaviest hitters in the unconventional marketing industry
  3. Twitter has all but replaced magazines, journals and newsletters as the information source of record for me on a daily basis
  4. I’m typically ahead of the curve when news hits the airwaves (at least compared to most friends and colleagues…definitely compared to my mom)
  5. There are some friggin hilarious Tweeters out there that introduce much needed levity into my daily life
  6. Is there a better way for a prospective employer/client/partner to get a quick capture of your thought process and general “way of being”?
  7. Now people actually read my blog
  8. I’ve received comments and retweets from a well-known CMO (again, not gonna happen IRL)
  9. I now know when that local hot dog truck is headed towards my office
  10. I’ve written several guest blog posts, all of which sprouted directly from my interactions with people on Twitter
  11. It would have taken much longer to discover amazingly influential people like @ChrisBrogan, @UnMarketing and @DuctTapeMarketing
  12. We would have never been able to enjoy the glory that is the Fail Whale
  13. Without Twitter, the terms “tweetup”, “hashtag” and “tweeps” would just sound like STDs
  14. Twitter’s ability to rally the masses in times of need
  15. I probably wouldn’t have been featured in the WOMMA Word
  16. Marketing moves like this are now possible
  17. Conveying emotions and key points in 140 characters has taught (hopefully) some of the long-winded folk out there to tone it down a bit
  18. For the first time in 31 years, I’m on a few people’s lists and it ain’t a bad thing!
  19. Its true beauty is only revealed to those willing to join the conversation and give as much as they take
  20. For those of us who work alone from our homes, it helps us feel a little less anti-social throughout the day
  21. The concept of customer service has been revolutionized, in part, because of Twitter
  22. You can go from a nobody to a Twitter superstar with just a few quick retweets
  23. It’s quite easy to ignore the bullshitters
  24. Is there another way you’d end up having lunch with Shaq?
  25. Brainstorms and creative discussions can break out instantly and have been known to yield awesome results #fact
  26. For such a simple concept, it’s highly customizable. There are a bunch of third party desktop apps that help you manage your account in different ways, there are a variety of approaches to getting the most out of Twitter and there seem to be endless search and measurement capabilities
  27. Chicks dig dudes with lots of followers (just kidding)
  28. Because no matter how smart, innovative, charming, or all around amazing I may feel, the inspiring community in my Twitter timeline consistently brings me back to Earth and shows me I can ALWAYS be better, work harder and learn more

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