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Five For Friday – Reactionary Marketing

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There is a very niche discipline in the marketing world that has, quite frankly, taken over my daily thoughts in the recent months. Adaptable marketing, flexible marketing, reactionary marketing – call it what you may, it can be a game changer. The basic concept involves setting aside discretionary funds in your annual marketing budget for unanticipated executions based on current trends. We see it all the time – some event occurs that garners significant attention and a few courageous brands take advantage by acting quickly with relevant material. You’ll be hearing a lot more from us on this topic, but as an introduction, here are a few examples for your weekend reading.

1. Apple opens a pop-up store to sell its iPad 2 to SXSW attendees

2. GM wages a keyword battle immediately following Chrysler’s Super Bowl commercial

3. Kit Kat creates an ad campaign in reaction to an epic tennis match

4. Boloco burrito joint in Boston tweets a snowy promotion

5. Lanyrd capitalizes on the SXSW buzz by offering a free browser extension for those not attending


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