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Land Rover’s Brand Ambassador Campaign: City Shapers

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Along the same lines as my quick-take review of Jamba Juice’s brand ambassador approach, I recently read about Land Rover’s “City Shapers” campaign via @PSFK.

What I like:

– It’s very targeted (a car for city folk)

– They’ve merchandised it well; there is a ton of easily accessible info online (mostly via video)

– Land Rover is a high end brand and they have chosen celebs that fit that mold

– Unique approach to covering each city (there’s even an app for that!)

What I don’t like:

– There’s that pesky “influencers” word again. We may have yet another case of mistaking “popular” for “influencer” (am I really going to buy a Land Rover because Darrelle Revis is driving one??)

– A missed opportunity here to integrate “everyday people” deeper into the project. Perhaps Land Rover could have paired the celebs with regular people and they could have created their city journey together (and potentially discovered new hang-outs and hot spots along the way)

– In doing some basic online research, the campaign seemed a little all over the place. They could have streamlined the various arms of this thing to make the consumption of all this info a little easier

What is your take?


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