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Five For Friday – Kick-Ass Follows

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I’ve been pretty indolent lately when it comes to #followfriday, so I’m using this week’s Five For Friday post to catch up a bit…and with slightly more detail and meaning than what you typically see on Twitter. Here are five of my favorite folks to follow on Twitter and why they introduce value into my 140-character existence.

1) @sernovitz/@thisissethsblog: Alright, I’m cheating already by listing two people in one line. However, I’m over it, since both these accounts are strictly used to promote blogs, not as daily postings from live people. Andy Sernovitz & Seth Godin – two of the OG’s of marketing. I try to spread my retweets around, but I find myself damn near always spreading their messages as often as possible. What I like best about their separate, but very similar, approaches – posts are short, thought-provoking and powerful.

2) @CGuerrillaMBlog: What you get here is a consistent stream of up-to-date guerrilla marketing examples, advice, thought starters and case studies. It’s become my go-to source of inspiration when brainstorming GM tactics for clients. (Full disclosure: I’ve guest blogged there.)

3) @danmartell: I’m not sure this dude sleeps. Like, ever. Entrepreneur and start-up pimp, I’m still not quite sure I understand everything he does (seems to be a lot!). Regardless, he drops a lot of knowledge and is always pushing the “STFU and work your ass off!” message, which gets my approval every time.

4) @ducttape: The Twitter home for John Jantsch, this is a must-follow for any small business looking for marketing advice and tips. John’s more than gracious with offering his thoughts and secrets and is known for unearthing many of the Web’s hidden resources and sharing with anyone who chooses to listen.

5) @the99percent: Basically an online think tank for those of us who value creativity in everything we do. What you’ll get when you follow @the99percent – alternative approaches to daily thinking, advice on turning your ideas into realities and general creative inspiration. Rarely does a link posted by these guys go unclicked by me.

Hope we’ve introduced you to someone new today. As always, would love to hear your top follows and, more importantly, why they are valuable to you.


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