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Are You A Marketing Meathead?

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Two important facts about your triceps:

1. They make up about 2/3 of your arm size

2. They work in coordination with your biceps for arm movement / functionality

By all means, the triceps are extremely important muscles not only for arm movement but also for their contribution to the overall look of the upper arm. Yet, many gym-goers focus their time and energy mostly on the biceps. You know you’ve fallen victim to this – checking out someone’s biceps and judging their overall fitness by that one area. Can’t recall the last time I heard someone say, “Check out those tris, bro!” Well, guess what? Your one-way marketing approach is the bicep of consumer engagement. It’s pretty, it’s what everybody goes to as the first option and it’s relatively risk-free. You meathead.

Maybe it’s time to give a little more attention to the triceps. Triceps aren’t the only thing that make up 2/3 of something important; nearly 2/3 of consumer purchase decisions are primarily influenced by word of mouth. WOM is reliable and highly functional, yet it still doesn’t get the attention it deserves from most brands. One-way media (the bulging biceps) still remains the marketing darling and because of this, these brands will never be as strong as they could be.

Nobody’s asking you to ditch the advertising altogether. It has an important role and should be treated as such. But a man who is all biceps will never function at 100% and will never achieve full potential.  The ideal approach, the one that will have you doing one-handed push-ups without breaking a sweat, involves a strategic combination of both muscle groups, with balanced efforts and attention relative to each one’s role in the overall structure of things.


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