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There’s a reason the term is to “pay attention”. Attention is a form of currency, and a very valuable one at that. Boiled down, attention gives life. To people, to ideas, to misconceptions, to emotions. Give something attention and it lives, front and center. Take that attention away and it ceases to exist. It’s very simple in its concept, not so much in its execution.

I had a recent conversation with a colleague in which she recounted the horror stories involving her first-ever work interactions with a new client. I attempted to put a positive spin on things, by noting that first events with new clients are typically challenging and hopefully everyone will have applicable key learnings for the next go round. I also noted that many clients are difficult and have their various individual issues and our job as agency folk is to adjust our approach accordingly and “smile amidst the fire”. Her response: “I don’t need a lecture, they just suck and I hate them.”

I’m increasingly convinced that life is won by how you choose to pay out your attention currency. “Ignore the haters” is an understated credo. Don’t ever, ever, ever bury your head in the sand, but always be willing to affix your thoughts, feelings and actions to worthy recipients.


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