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Many of my clients that execute corporate hospitality events face the same challenge – measurement. They’ve done the typical post-event survey email to all attending guests with limited success. One client in particular attempted to bring the surveys on-site in hopes of securing more participation. When a guest enters the hospitality venue and heads to the registration desk, he/she is directed (by staff) to fill out a survey hosted on a laptop. As a prize, anyone filling out the survey receives a hat. Two significant problems with this:

– I’ve heard the client applaud the new approach because it has increased the number of surveys taken

– I’ve personally watched several guests fill the surveys out within minutes of arrival, just to get the hat (which begs the question, “How can someone provide honest feedback on their experience when they haven’t yet had the experience in question?!”)

These survey results are typically used in year-end reports and are utilized as reasons for continuing the events and allocating sufficient budgets. And here we see the pitfalls of incentivizing people to provide feedback. You don’t always get accurate, honest answers and you don’t necessarily know which information is useful versus simply fueled by the dangling carrot.


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