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A Happy Marriage

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Check out this pretty neat student project for Heineken. It’s a damn cool concept that is founded on what I deem a critical piece to any word of mouth marketing program – marrying your online efforts with your  offline efforts. An interesting and eye-opening study by Keller Fay presents us with the startling results  that  less than 10% of WOM conversations occur online. That means 90% of every day recommendations,  reviews and updates are made in the flesh, old school style.

This may run entirely counterintuitive to the way most of us view today’s marketing landscape. Hell, it’s  called “social” media for a reason, isn’t it?! You can’t click a mouse without bumping into a flurry of “share  this” buttons nowadays and all the “content creation is the key to your marketing dreams!!!” pep talks  seem to focus on digital assets. As I see it, merging offline and online realities in a complementary and  mutually beneficial (read: not just to add another touch point) manner is the holy grail next level type  stuff.

We see it happening already with services like Plancast and with tweet-ups, but I’d like to see more brands  jump on this band wagon. I forget who I originally heard this from (I want to say Guy Kawasaki…), but I’m forever quoting it in client consultations – your one-way communication should drive to your two-way. In other words, if you must run a print ad in a local mag, then pimp your Facebook page or next live event. The same principles are in effect here. As social media continues its tremendous rise in popularity, the in-the-flesh interactions will only gain even more importance.


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