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Two Easy Actions To Get Customer Reviews

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Just bought a new vehicle and had a good experience with my salesman asking me to review him. The two simple steps he took were:

1) He had a business card with the review website URL and his name right on it. Lesson here is to make it as easy as possible on the customer. The card meant I didn’t have to remember the URL and I had a physical reminder when I returned home.

2) Immediately after we confirmed the sale, right when I was feeling excited, he asked me if I’d be willing to review him. Lesson here is to ASK! Many small biz owners in particular feel uncomfortable or pushy asking customers to review them. Screw that – if you’re providing a kick-ass product or service, they should be happy to share the joy!

PS – the review site was a DISASTER. Not my salesman’s fault, so I pushed through the agony, but the site’s user unfriendly set-up would halt most reviews dead in their tracks. First off, you had to register in order to submit your review. Register for a review site specific to car dealerships?! Madness. Second, after completing the six multiple choice questions, you were REQUIRED to fill in a comment box. And, get this, the MINIMUM characters typed was set at 250! Just ridiculous. I wish the review site had a review site…..


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