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Five For Friday – The Pursuit Of Cool

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Let’s face it, as marketers we’re constantly chasing “cool” in its various forms and definitions. This film, The Pursuit of Cool, is brought to us by the same folks who produced the Influencers film (highly recommended watch). Though only the trailer is currently available, I think we can already see some significant lessons for marketers.

1. Cool is knowing who you are: As Scott Stratten of Unmarketing is known to say, when you are true to yourself as a brand, there is no competition. When a brand is fully self aware of its own purpose and guiding principles, marketing is easy. Figure out what it is about you that drives your every day being and you’ll be in the best position possible.

2. When you try to be cool, it comes out the opposite: The flip side of knowing who you are is being a copycat. We all know the people and brands who fall into this category – constantly jumping on the latest fads just because they are popular, with no regard to making a natural fit between message and platform.

3. Don’t let the haters affect your plan: If you’re acting in line with your true self, the opinions of those in opposition should fall on deaf ears. Haters will hate – leave them to their own misery.

4. Cool changes: This is a tricky one. As noted above, you always want to act and move with your true self as the guiding force. Changing yourself to suit the perception and likes of others is a sure fire way to miss the cool boat. However, trends, media and our own goals change over time. Be aware of your ever-evolving surroundings, but always remain true to yourself as you adapt.

5. Cool is about the stories you tell: Sure, it’s the term du jour nowadays, but that’s for good reason. People respond emotionally to stories and relate to experiences. Find interesting ways to tell your unique story and you’ll find a much more engaged audience.


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