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I don’t know about you, but I’m always skeptical when sending an inquiry (product info, custom piece, etc.) through a website. Immediately following hitting the send button, I wonder if I’ll hear back, when I’ll hear back and if the company’s response will be clear or send me for loops that cause a hassle. Luckily, the sticker company I have been using for years now has taken several steps to relieve my anxiety at the best time. Check out the screen shot below.

This was the screen I saw once I entered necessary information for a custom print job. Here’s what I love about it:

– They don’t simply stop at the prototypical “A sales rep will be contacting you shortly” message. They follow it up immediately with a phone number in case you have questions before anyone contacts you.

– A quick, to-the-point video from the founder of the company thanking me for my business and reassuring me that a team member will be touching base with me goes a long way to humanize the brand.

– Quick testimonial quote to help push me to the sale at the perfect time.

– The “Help” tab on the left of the screen and the huge contact info in the upper left corner make me feel like this company WANTS me to contact them, should I have any questions.

And as a kicker, I received this email response within seconds:

Thanks so much for coming to StickerGiant for your custom sticker

There’s no robot quoting here at StickerGiant. Your request has been
sent to a real human being who is looking at your artwork and
specifications and put together the best pricing for your project.

Because we’re human and taking the time to review each and every
email we receive from our awesome customers, this may take a bit of
time (we aim for 24 hours). If you’re in a super rush, please respond
to this email or pick up the phone and call. We like talking to our
fellow humans.

Looking forward to working with you.

The Custom Sticker Team
Custom Sticker Specialists”


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