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Being Anti-Social Ain’t All Bad

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Last week, a brilliant anonymous letter was published online to the leaders of RIM, purportedly from a senior level executive within the company (read here for more). The author dropped this little nugget of wisdom at one point: “Strategy is often in the things you decide not to do.” This morning I read that Tom Friedman declared “Get out of Facebook and into somebody’s face!” in a recent commencement speech.

Just recently, Google launched its own social networking program, Google +, already making waves in the media. My initial reaction was, “Oh great, another system to learn and adapt”. Then I quickly shot back to my own reality and figured I’d share this reminder with all of you – just being there is not a win. If your social media strategy is to jump on every new site simply because it’s the new fad and your brand simply cannot miss out, then you don’t actually have a strategy. Do your research to find out where your customers and colleagues are spending the bulk of their time. Test all the new options out, but with the goal of realizing where the most potential is for you and your communication plans. See what sites get you excited, keep you intrigued, fall in line with how your brand speaks to its fans and friends. Then put your energy into that space. It’s the old business adage – find one thing you do really well and focus on that.

You wouldn’t spend your time in a restaurant that served food you don’t particularly like, offered a confusing menu and was filled with a class of people you don’t actually like hanging out with just because it’s new and popular. No, you’d walk your ass to the local joint that makes you feel comfortable, that allows you to be you and is always filled with interesting and relevant conversations between friends.


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