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Dr. Pepper & deviantART

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I ran across this contest recently, a joint effort by Dr. Pepper and the wildly popular artist-ran site, deviantART. Here’s my quick take:

– The premise (tap into passionate art-creators), while certainly not groundbreaking, is a good one, and the brand used a great partner with a very deep and loyal user base.

– From the get-go, the contest stinks of forced brand involvement. The first piece of copy I read states that “Dr. Pepper can be painted into so many experiences in our lives”. Really? It can? The contest rules ask participants to produce art that includes the Dr. Pepper logo/imagery, that’s all. And that’s where the approach falls short…

– Instead of putting the logo/branding in the forefront, why not focus on key values and attributes of the brand and its loyal fans and use that as the inspiration for the art contest? Right now, it’s the classic “it’s all about us” approach. Dr. Pepper could have used this partnership to tap into deeper emotions and behaviors of the participants.

Interested to hear your thoughts on this one…




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