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Are You A Marketing Meathead, Episode #2

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(See HERE for Episode #1)

By my accounts, people in your local gym can be placed into two groups. The first group is all about numbers, judging their progress based mostly on how many pounds they can lift. They talk about destroying personal records seemingly every single week, grunt gratuitously and look for any opening in daily conversations to tout those inflated bench press stats. The second group aims first to learn the proper form for every movement. They practice squats with a broomstick before slapping on a couple 45s. They hold their lifts and squeeze, then slowly release for maximum impact. They judge their progress based on actual effects and slow but continual weight increases.

Here’s the problem with the first group – they are mostly show. You’ve seen this guy, the one who rocks his body all over the place violently just so he can curl that ridiculous amount of weight. This group sacrifices form (and safety) for ego. “I bench 275lbs!” is the “I have 750 friends on Facebook” of the gym. You can separate marketers into similar parties. There are those who focus on Klout score, number of followers, reach of their advertisements. Then there’s the second group, the one who values an online back-and-forth conversation with one customer way more than adding 100 followers by dangling a carrot (“Follow us for the chance to win an iPad 2!!!!”).

For the record, I’m of the mindset that there can be a positive, beneficial marriage of the two groups. Where we get into trouble is when we find ourselves steadfast cemented into one or the other.


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