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Why I Wrote My First Yelp Review

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(You can find the actual review here.)

On the surface, why I wrote the review is pretty evident. A business made a pretty routine mistake and did all the right things to correct it – offered me several solutions and ended up comping the entire service as an apology. But then I stepped back to really pontificate upon this action. Am I really motivated by freebies? Perhaps a little, but not enough to entice me to author my first online review. No, that wasn’t it. What truly motivated me, what really pulled at my heart strings, was the clear fact that the owner was bothered by his mistake. You could tell he felt bad about it and the other masseuse even told my girlfriend that “he was worried sick about the whole thing”.

What’s the lesson here? Good business is human business. All the promotions, specials and make-goods in the world will never trigger emotions the way a look, word or smile from a person can.



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