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Awesome Audit

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And no, I’m not talking about a really, really effective audit. There’s a very deliberate approach we take to ensure all our work (client projects, content creation, self promotion, etc.) is truly talkable, buzz worthy and disruptive to expectations. It’s called the Awesome Audit. And it’s quite simple. Once the framework for any project or task is in place and ready for execution we STOP and walk away for a short period of time. We then revisit the project with one goal in mind – making everything even more awesome.

Check out this great post from Brains on Fire. What an amazingly spectacular idea. Simple, yet powerful. This is the type of idea we look for in our Awesome Audits. The audits consists of a singular, almost maniacal focus on answering the important questions: “Are there any touch points we’ve overlooked?” and “How do we take every single engagement opportunity and really make it special?“.

I feel like the Spiderman window washer idea would have (or should have) come up during an Awesome Audit. Imagine all the little moments resulting in great impacts that could have remained in the shadows without Awesome Audits….


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