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Intel’s “What would you do for an Ultrabook” Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

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Intel recently hit the streets in Asia with a “Temptation” themed guerrilla marketing campaign for its Ultrabook. Several separate stations were set up in public areas, each one challenging passersby to complete a unique task in order to secure a free Ultrabook. Check out the videos below for actual footage.

DISRUPTIVE Takeaway: Marketing tactics like this don’t always have to hold deep, powerful meaning for products or customers. As far as I can tell, the “temptation” theme doesn’t fall in line with any other brand messaging from Intel. It’s simply a fun, creative publicity stunt. And that’s OK. If there was a natural way to connect the Intel brand’s ethos with the activities, that would have been great. But only if it was natural (read: not forced).

What say you?


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