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Perhaps I’m late on this one (or…heaven forbid, early?!), but TOUT looks to be very fertile ground for marketers. It’s basically Twitter in video form – 15 second video updates that can be sent from your smartphone to various social media sites or through email and SMS contacts. From what I can tell, the service really hasn’t been utilized much by brands, outside of a handful of entertainment personalities. My uninformed two cents:

The Good

– The 15-second time limit addresses the main concern I’ve always had with video marketing: consumers don’t always have a minute (or five!) to watch clips online, especially if they don’t involve cats cuddling with dogs. Right off the bat I know that any TOUT video is going to be very short and, therefore, much more doable for my hectic day.

– Super-easy distribution once you’ve recorded a video is always a plus. You have full control over where the videos go – Twitter only, Facebook and Twitter, emailed to your family, whatever.

– At first, the service seems to be best used as just that, a service. But it also functions as a social site on its own. You can have your own page showcasing all your videos. You can follow other users, retout videos and comment on videos. I like the flexibility here, as it doesn’t immediately require me to start an entirely new presence on an entirely new site. I can simply use TOUT to connect with my existing Twitter peeps.

The Challenges

– The biggest issue I can identify so far (and please note that I signed up only two days ago!) is inability to edit and brand the actual videos. It’s a little nerve wracking knowing that I don’t have the option to do any post-production work.

– Can a valuable message be conveyed in 15 seconds? I don’t know. Some folks love Twitter because they feel it forces you to be clear and concise. I tend to agree, but 15 seconds of spoken word is not much time at all!

– Only time will tell if this was an error on my phone’s part or on TOUT’s, but my first 15 SECOND MARKETING LESSON had audio and video all out of synch.

Check out my TOUT page, complete with my first video of my dog, Apollonia, and her new squeaky chew toy. I’m actually toying with the idea of moving some of my shorter blog posts over to TOUT, mostly for quick-hit daily observations.

Lastly, yesterday I noticed an intriguing tweet care of Gary Vaynerchuk. Perhaps he’s got some grand TOUT plans…


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