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Question Your Story

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{Warning! Personal reflection and introspection follows.}

I had an epiphany today. It was sparked by this blog post.

“The socialite walks into the ski shop and buys a $3,000 ski jacket she’ll wear once. Why? Not because she’ll stay warmer in it more than a different jacket, but because that’s what someone like her does. It’s part of her story. In fact, it’s easier for her to buy the jacket than it is to change her story.”

We do things because we have always done them. Or because people around us have always done them. Or because we’ve been told it’s the right or the only way. And that sets into motion a long process that involves deeper and deeper seated routines and programming that puts us all in a hole that gets harder and harder to climb out of. And all of this builds our story. We then amplify that story through our actions and cement it in the way we present ourselves. But far too often we fail to question our story, examine how we arrived to our current location along the ever-growing timeline, or adjust our narrative.

I started DISRUPTIVE partially because I had all these dreams and ideas and visions that simply weren’t being satisfied in my former position. Small businesses needed a guy like me to shake things up. Get all unconventional on their asses, man! But you know what, I’m not yet established, so I’ll need to get some clients under my belt, build that roster. Probably gonna have to take some small promotional marketing type gigs at first…I mean, this is the hustle, people!

But these types of projects, though they pay the bills and allow me to somewhat flex my marketing chops, aren’t what I wake up all excited for. (Now is probably a good time to tell all my current clients that I still love you and will, as always, put every ounce of myself into every single project no matter how “big or small”…that you can take to the effing bank.)

Why am I doing this? I haven’t asked myself this question often enough, and I guarantee the same goes for each of you. For one reason or another, I simply assumed that DISRUPTIVE would have to start out small, maybe doing some one-off marketing stuff that wasn’t quite as exhilarating as I hoped for in the name of “paying my dues”. But that’s not the story that ran through my head when this whole venture started….

The story I wanted to tell: We start with him. He’s the game changer. He will guide us through all the differentiating customer experience points that translate directly to WOM and build a killer fucking brand with us.

The story that was actually being told: Cheap, creative guy that I can give the one-off marketing tasks to because I don’t have time. He’ll do some direct sales promotional type stuff to get me more revenue.

Just to be clear, I’m very happy with where I am and love the work we’re doing. This is much more of a “let’s take this shit to the next level” message than it is a “I’m stuck in a rut” one. Questions…we don’t ask them enough.

When’s the last time you questioned not only how your story is being told, but the way in which it is perceived (particularly measured against how you thought it was being perceived)?


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