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Maybe We Should Want Our Books Judged By Their Covers

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Out here in Sonoma for a close friend’s wedding and I overheard a great story about the first time the bride’s father met her now husband. You see, he’s got tattoos all up and down his arms, paired with a mohawk…every father’s dream! Of course he was met with initial resistance powered by stereotypes and mental schemas. He was a book judged by its cover, in the most classic of ways. But, as the story often goes, he turned out to be an amazing guy, über respectable and respectful, caring, fun, intelligent – a nearly ideal husband for a father’s daughter.

This post, however, isn’t simply a fairy tale lesson about giving people a chance beyond their initial external impressions. As a marketer, a personal brand and a content producer, I often wonder if we should intentionally play to the idea that not only will we be judged by our covers, but some times that creates a wonderful story. In other words, the sweet ain’t as sweet without the sour, right? Nearly all classic epic stories involve characters that eventually achieve glory, but only through harrowing struggles. Without these struggles, without the villains, without the hurdles and roadblocks…would our stories be as compelling or even relatable?



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