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Wisdom Nuggets From Word Of Mouth Crash Course

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….that I did not get to attend in person. Cue the sad face. Nevertheless, I pulled myself up off the floor, waded through the empty Ben & Jerry’s cartons and read the SHIT out of the live blogging today (great job by Andy’s team over there!). Here are the snippets that jumped out at me. I highly encourage you to read through the blog to hear more from the sources.


“Lasso passion” (man, I love this notion)

Creating a myth is a great way to create buzz by allowing others to fill in the blanks.

Advocacy is a metric that is extremely important. It is the one metric that actually matters.

Emotion is a category that can’t be ignored. In the diet industry most focused on losing weigh, but people talked more about feeling better.

In the world of word of mouth you need to find the passions people are talking about and attach your brand to it.

When Axe marketed deodorant they didn’t show pictures of sweaty arm pits, but sold the sex.

Prius didn’t talk about saving gallons, but instead focused on saving the planet.

He reviews different types of messages you can get from people and addresses negative commentary. Stresses the importance of a social media policy and reminds everyone that “They don’t hate you. They just need a hug.” He encourages acknowledging and addressing all issues that arise.

Three Ways They’ve Gotten WOM:

  • We ride current events.
  • We give things away.
  • We exclude people.

Costco tries to maintain an element of surprise; they offer quirky items in their inventory. Ex: A $3,000 toilet, a million dollar engagement ring. Costco gives the members something to talk about.

To build incredible WOM you need to WOW customers. Listen to your community and see how you can help them with great customer service. This creates great WOM opportunities.

So much of what is talked about in social media is about what we felt. And it’s about the most recent experience we had; that winds up defining your brand. Memory creation is the currency of your brand.

People don’t choose just based on the “best idea” they don’t choose just based on “logic” they really choose one thing over another via how they relate to the choices and emotions. There are a ton of books written on this.

People don’t spend enough time figuring out what drives our decision making. If we make decisions based on what we like and the people we want to do business with then we need to realize that logic is not driving our decision. The book Likeonomics is about how we make decisions as people.

Talkable Stories:

  1. Improve a Life: Create a product or service that helps someone.
  2. Right a Wrong: Provide a product or service that improves and makes a person’s experience better.
  3. Make Good Better: Take a product of service that is good and make it better.

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