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Access Is Boring

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A recent old school hip-hop kick has me thinking back to the dramatic effect music has had on my life. As a kid, a visit to the local independently owned music shop was like a field trip. Back then, you heard about new music through friends, magazines and the radio. You only heard new stuff when a band put out a new tape and you consistently bargained and schemed with friends to get whatever albums or songs were missing from your library, often times spending hours making custom mix tapes from dual tape boom boxes.

Things are obviously quite different nowadays. And while having pretty much the world at our fingertips in an instant translates into many positive moments, the availability of so much info with so few barriers sometimes leaves me longing for the good old days. The waiting, the mystery, the unveiling – these are key elements of a person’s experience that shouldn’t be overlooked. I’d bet that for every ten promotions, events or product launches you’ve done, at least one of them could have been a little less available (or not as easily available) to customers, eventually resulting in increased interest.



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