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When It’s Okay To Fail

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In Entrepreneur magazine’s recent article about New York’s Museum of Sex, The Boom-Boom Tycoon, the story’s sub-headline reads:

How the Museum of Sex turned the state’s nonprofit snub into an asset

The back story is as expected – the state’s Board of Regents refused to qualify the museum as a nonprofit and it’s since been run as a private venture. Daniel Gluck, the  museum’s founder, was fine with this and had even expected it (he apparently only applied to satisfy his “advisors”).

As the story’s sub-headline alludes, the Museum has done well without being classified as a nonprofit, perhaps even better than if it had been. This got me thinking about those businesses that start out with the goal of existing as alternatives to commonplace brands and services. I like to believe DISRUPTIVE is in this boat, hence the use of “unconventional” in our tagline. Businesses that intentionally swim against the current typically spend a lot of time and effort talking about how different they are. But this article has me wondering if we should all consider following MoSex’s lead? What better way to cement yourself as the anti-something than to apply for membership with them and be denied?! Perhaps there is a way we can all showcase how different we are by challenging our counterparts to agree with our stance…


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