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Are You Telling Or Inspiring?

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Watch these two sports-based videos. What’s the difference between them? Is there a difference? Do they evoke the same feeling inside you? Why not?

I see two messages that have the same basic foundation – use sports to draw a characteristics connection with a product / brand. However, two stark differences in execution completely change the results for the viewer (at least, they did for me).

  1. The first video simply lists (via voice over) several characteristics of great teams – using U.S. women’s soccer as the example – and the product being advertised. The second video, while also using voice over dialogue, is much less direct and allows the viewer to make his or her own connections.
  2. The first video is very product related. “Our product is XYZ”. The second video, conversely, is designed to reflect the viewer and inspire feelings from inside each of us. It’s more about “us” than “the product”.

While I certainly acknowledge the difference in existing brand awareness between the two companies, there are still important learnings here. Just establishing and listing characteristics of a brand is not enough to truly inspire action and behavior. You must anchor them to existing experiences, memories and feelings.


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Growth obsessed startup co-founder (MusicBox) and strategist-for-hire.

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