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The Best Response To A Product Glitch

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This move from EA Sports is like a clusterf*ck of awesomeness. I’m giddy about it. Apparently there was a glitch in the recent NHL 13 game, which has since been deemed the “Hercules Check”. Basically, if you time a hit on another player exactly right, you can send him flying several rows up into the stands. Safe to assume this was not intentional.

After some fanboys (and girls!) caught on, online chatter about it ensued. So what did EA do about it? Issue an official press release apologizing? Offer purchase refunds? Nope – they made the video below. Part tongue-in-cheek “we meant to do that“, part “oh shit, you caught us!“, it’s completely fun and interesting and talkable.

Turning a negative into a positive? CHECK

Capitalizing on real-time buzz? CHECK

Using terrible hockey puns in a blog post? CHECK




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