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Morton’s Steakhouse Creates Menu For History Channel TV Show

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As a foodie, I really like this. As a marketer, I really love this. History Channel has partnered with Morton’s Steakhouse to promote its newest show, The Men Who Built America, by building a custom themed menu.

The “Power Dining Experience” includes a Rockefeller Martini and other staples of the “business lunch” such as filet mignon, scallops, and Caesar salad. There will be in-restaurant messaging including table tents, check signage, and branded cocktail napkins.

This concept checks off three goals of any marketer:

1) Capture the audience’s attention for as long as possible. Unlike social media engagement, which is typically fleeting, the dinner table is maybe the last bastion of more-than-three-seconds-worth-of-human interaction. You have an already-committed audience.

2) Tell a story in an interesting way. Finding interesting ways to tell your brand story without interrupting someone’s life is a big part of marketing. But when you can also enhance their experience in a fun way while telling your tale…well, that’s just special. Bonus points for hitting as many senses as possible in one shot (see also Edible Cinema).

3) Give ’em something to talk about. KellerFay tells us that 90% of word of mouth brand-related talk happens offline, which would certainly support a marketer’s focus placed on experiential marketing. Not only is this dining experience interesting and different, but it is happening face-to-face, in the real world. This is some powerful fuel for WOM conversations.


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