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The Bottom Line On The Bottom Line

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Business successIt’s the end of Q4 and now is when we’re all hyper focused on P&Ls. But beyond the mad rush of ridiculous extreme sales (that usually mean customers getting pummeled by marketing messages in desperate hopes of making year-end projections), there’s a very important lesson of which we should all take note.

This post was inspired by an article in PandoDaily about entrepreneurs following the path of corporate managers – acting out daily business lives without complete focus on the bottom line.

Instead of bottom line contributions, corporate employees are usually measured by some random metric that is much more easily manipulated than the bank balance.

That’s a scary notion, and unfortunately, I’ve found it to ring pretty true in the agency world in particular. In Social Sucks, we argued that the current industry use of “engagement” is entirely inaccurate and, frankly, embarrassing. It’s the same epidemic – we tend to get caught up in great ideas and cool promotions that don’t ever actually do anything.

As a marketer who preaches the virtues of “being interesting”, I’m certainly no stranger to brand-enhancing tactics and PR stunts. But this is a challenge I’ve thrust upon myself as well. Let’s all take the blinders off and start connecting the dots to the bottom line more often and more clearly – it doesn’t always have to be a direct A-to-B line, but it should end at the same place.


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