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In our latest email insights (next one goes out Tuesday, sign up HERE), we addressed the topic of sexiness in marketing and the main conclusion we came to is that relevance is sexy. There may be no venue in which relevance is needed more right now than mobile. Smartphone sales over the last few years have demolished PC sales, and nearly 40% of ad revenue is digital at the largest tech and media brands.

You’d think this all equates to a high-flying mobile ad environment. Not so much. At least, not yet. A recent article from Mobile Marketer exemplifies both the shortfalls and the vast opportunities found by analyzing the current state of mobile ads.

The Bad: 70% of consumers view automatically served in-app ads as disruptive. Only 17% find the ads interesting, 14 percent relevant, and 12 percent engaging.

The Good: More than 1 out of every 3 people expect ads in free mobile apps and actually prefer an ad-driven model (the study didn’t specify the alternative, but I assume it’s a paid model).

The Opportunity: Nearly 60% of respondents desire an incentive for interacting with  in-app ads, such as an instant reward. Combine this with the reality that most consumers are OK with ads being a part of the free mobile apps experience and you have reason to be bullish. Just consider the fact that with geo-targeting, you could potentially send an instantly redeemable coupon to a person playing Words with Friends while he is physically inside one of your stores.


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