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relevance-rankmaniacIn a Businessweek piece by Steve McKee, the need for businesses to focus on integrated marketing is addressed. The discussion is framed around the notion that fragmentation presents a significant challenge to current day marketers. Why? With so many messaging media options mixed with a ridiculous amount of information blasted at consumers every single day, brands that don’t establish solid identities that can be consistently carried throughout this complex landscape risk getting lost amidst all the noise.

We couldn’t agree more and see this as a major topic in 2013. There’s no slowing down the influx of readily available media (most of which is free or very low cost) and that makes a strong brand personality priority #1. But this conversation simply can’t be completed without introducing a companion topic that is just as important – relevance.

In one of our most recent email insights (sign up here), we covered the concept of relevance for marketers as a key contributor to the success of any outreach. When you look at the environment described in the Businessweek article – thousands of marketing messages hitting consumers daily, dozens of ever-evolving media platforms – relevance takes on a special meaning.

Consistent and unique brand identity + targeted messaging media + valuable content x relevance = future marketing success.

h/t to Traackr for sharing the article


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