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Advertising Is The Cost Of Being Boring

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HughAdvertising_thumbSo says Andy Sernovitz. And I’m inclined to agree, at least conceptually (there is a such thing as fun and useful advertising). The digital landscape, while offering such vast opportunity for engaging interaction with consumers, has unfortunately allowed for interrupters to creep back in to our lives. Check out this ridiculous ad I came across this morning, when attempting to read a Men’s Fitness article.


In the first image above, you can see what happened a few moments after I started reading the article – cyber chocolate began running down the page, eventually taking it completely over. Who thought this up? Who, in their right mind, decided the best way to acquire a customer is to completely hide an article they were reading with an advertisement? People, your goal should be to get consumers to like you, not to trick them into buying your product or or to hide behind the proverbial bush and jump out at them screaming in the middle of a conversation or activity.


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