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Are You A Marketing Meathead? (Episode #3)

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87662913{see HERE for Episodes #1 and #2}

Does your daily routine truly match up with your ultimate goals, or are you fooling yourself with bloated measurements? How many times have you heard – or caught yourself exclaiming – something like “I spend an hour in the gym every morning“? My girlfriend has been joining me at the gym on the weekends and more than once in the past month she has been surprised by how quickly my workouts end. I can tell she wonders if such a short time spent  there is effective, most likely based on this arbitrary assignment of a made-up minimum number of minutes a “real” workout must satisfy. Ok, rant over, now to the marketing lesson…

What if you did a quick review of your marketing activities within this frame? Instead of measuring success based on numbers of likes and followers, quantity of e-books published, or amount of blog posts, ask yourself if the time involved was spent efficiently compared to your desired outcome. Two people could walk into a gym and perform the exact same routine in completely different times. Does that mean the person who took longer had a better, more effective workout? Most likely not (of course, this is all relative to the actual regimen they are completing…). Shorter rest time between sets can increase focus and muscle strain, often leading to positive results.

In Content Marketing That Gets You Buyers, Chris Brogan asks you to focus on your desired reader and on your desired results, and tailor your writing appropriately. Seems like a no-brainer, but we’ve all fallen into the trap of being satisfied with quantity of output versus quality.

A two-hour workout feels great to talk about, but if it isn’t the best route to muscle failure and rebuilding, then it may be best to refocus your gameplan on what actually works. Your six-pack and 400-lb. squat will speak for themselves.


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